Master Cleanse Day 5 – Point of No Return


Day 5 of the Master Cleanse Diet and my digestive system has shut down. My kidneys were sore and my urine was dark colored. The salt water flush has now begun to taste like a welcome soup to me. I now look forward to the salt water flush and prefer to think of it as a hot soup. That sounds crazy to call hot salt water soup, but hey I haven’t eaten anything for 5 days. The Spicy Lemonade Diet can be tough.

At this point of my cleanse, my mind is calling for food, but I am not hungry. I also know that if I eat I may end up in the hospital as my digestive system would freak out. I hate hospitals so food is not even an option at this point.

In fact, if I wanted to eat it would be a 2 day process to get to the point that I could eat. That helps eliminate any potential slips. So if I want food I have to spend 2 days staring out it as I start my digestive system back up.

My cravings are for junk food, but healthy cravings are starting to dominate.

I am already getting amped about eating a homemade organic bean burrito with fresh tomatoes, onions, and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla. Oh baby. That sounds yummy.

I had about 8 spicy lemonades today and felt good all day.

I did a chest and shoulder workout yesterday. I felt stronger than usual and pushed up some extra weight. Now I am not a huge guy, but I lifted heavier than usual and felt good.

Last night, I went on a 20 mile plus bike ride at 9 pm. I felt strong heading out but a headwind kicked up and made the going tough. I had a bottle full of spicy lemonade with me. I regretted having cayenne in it as the cayenne seems to diminish the thirst quenching for me.

Today, my body was a little tired, due to the weights and ride so I took the day off for exercise. Tomorrow is a busy day and I may have to skip exercise again.

I went and got more organic lemons and limes today. I had to get a new juicer as well. I ended up at 7 stores before finding a simple squeeze juicer. I would have just ordered one before my cleanse started , but I didn’t realize that my wife had “misplaced” the top of the juicer. Order this juicer it is simple to use and even easier to clean.

I need more spicy lemonade now.

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