Salt Water Flush

Salt Water Flush

One of the most confusing areas of the Master Cleanse is the Salt Water Flush. The lemons and water make sense. Once you learn about the nutrient content in the Grade B Syrup it makes sense. The cayenne is for mucus and flavor. But come on. Drinking a quart of salt water?!?! Rest Assured, The Salt Water Flush is Critical to a successful Master Cleanse.

OK. Lets look at the ingredients:

Salt Water Flush Recipe
1 Quart of Distilled Water
2 Teaspoons of Non Iodized Salt

Simple ingredients by themselves. Let us focus on the water and the salt.

The Water
Distilled water so that there is nothing in the water. You want pure water. Same goes for the Spicy Lemonade mix as well. Regular tap water is a No No. Spring water as is bad as well. Distilled Water has had all the impurities removed. The goal of the Master Cleanse Diet is to purge the impurities from your body. Using ultra clean water is CRITICAL to the success of the Salt Water Flush as well as The Spicy Lemonade Diet.

The Salt
Non Iodized Salt is chemical free. While Iodine is helpful for some people with thyroid problems as well as some other health benefits, we are sticking to a chemical free Cleanse. I actually use Non Iodized Organic Sea Salt for my Cleanse as this is what we actually use for everyday cooking as well.

I warm the water up on the stove top to better dissolve the salt. This also makes the mixture more like a soup. After you have only had Spicy Lemonade for a few days, you can easily imagine the salt water flush as a delicious broth.

Do the Flush First Thing.

The flush needs to be done on an empty stomach. Yes. Your stomach is pretty empty when you are on the Master Cleanse Diet. You need to flush before you even drink any spicy lemonade in the morning.

How Long Does it take for the Salt Water Flush to work?
The amount of time for the salt water to kick in varies. For me anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours. Some people I have guided through the Master Cleanse Diet say that the Salt Water Flsuh doesn’t work for them. I told them to add more salt to their mixture. Salt water cannot stay in your body and eliminate is imminent. Eventually, everyone eliminates on the Salt Water Flush.

Why do you need to flush?

Flushing the toxins is absolutely imperative. Around day 5 on The Master Cleanse Diet, you start seriously eliminating some of the toxins stored in your body. You will have some bowel movements that feel hot – this is a normal flushing of toxins.

Once you have stopped consuming food for 5 few days, your digestive system shuts down. Your body can now eliminate toxins that usually hide out in your fat cells. This is the best part of the Master Cleanse Diet. The elimination of toxins that otherwise would stay in your body if you did another diet.

Your body cannot typically eliminate many of the toxins that you ingest and the body simply stores the evil chemicals in various part of your body specifically body fat. The fat protects the toxins which is why you can not loose some of the fat in your body no matter how healthy you eat or how much you work out.

You have to cleanse your body of toxins to more easily get your body to the shape you desire. The Master Cleanse Diet allows for longer term good health because you are eliminating toxins that can potentially cause harm to your health.

The salt water flush eliminates the toxins stored in your body that otherwise are difficult or impossible to eliminate. The Master Cleanse Diet is a great way to lose weight from parts of your body that otherwise would not be lost.

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